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Orders will continue in 2021

After months and months of practice/ sanding/ molding/ testing/ refining and hundreds of hours of youtube tutorials

Ive finally been able to sort out my toy so i can bring him out for you guys!!!

All these are hand made and obviously they will be unique, either hand painted by me - or blank for you to paint - but each one will be hand molded and pieced together packaged and sent by me (so please give me a tiny bit of time to get it all sorted!)

Each eyeball monster will come in a special 1 off box (which will be part of a larger hand painted painting!!!! - see the picture in the picture section!)
Not only that but............each one comes with a special hand signed print - signed by me and Adam!

Just incase you dont know who Adam amazing 3d artist and have worked on many huge projects - even some movies im sure you have seen!!!!! like the Dark Knight, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Golden Compass to name a few he is reall y that good..........i believe he has some awards too.......bafta........oscar

Anyway these are about 15cm spherical - they tongue is 21cm x 16cm made from resin - keep an eye on my instagram for updates!

Im hoping to have these sorted and sent out by the 15th of december 2020 - lets make this year end on a good note!

Any questions please message me

Coming Soon